Some retailers allow you to cancel gift codes. Typically sales are considered final but there can be exceptional circumstances where a refund is required such as fraud or poor customer service from the retailer.

What transactions can be cancelled?

We support cancellations on all transaction types but not every retailer supports cancellations via an API call.

If you need to cancel a code from a retailer that does not allow this, please contact that retailer directly to request a cancellation (note, not all retailers will agree to cancellations).

How do I know which Retailers allow cancellations?

You can find this in the Brand details section of the Hub, for example:

It is also important to note that some retailers only allow cancellations for a small window. For example Amazon allow cancellations only in the first 15 minutes post sale.

How do I cancel?

There are two options, either via the API or from within the Partner Hub

Cancelling via the API

Cancellations are performed via the API and details of how to implement the API call can be found here, Reward Cloud API

For security reasons, Reward Cloud cannot cancel transactions on your behalf. Therefore we advise  you to implement the cancellation method as detailed in the API documentation.

How do I know it has cancelled?

You will receive a success response via the API:
"status": "success",    
"code": "000"  

Additionally you can see if the order has been cancelled in the Order History section of the Hub:

Cancelling via the Partner Hub

Firstly navigate to the Order History page of the Partner Hub and locate the order you wish to cancel. 

Next, expand that order to display the actions you can take on the order. One of these actions is the red cancel button.

If the retailer allows cancellations you will see the following message:

The cancellation is then clearly shown in order history, including when the order was cancelled and by whom.

What if the Brand/Retailer does not support cancellations?

You can always get in contact with the retailer to see if they will process the cancellation. If they agree make sure they mark the order as cancelled in the Hub so that your reporting is correct - direct them to this article if they are unsure how:

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