Did you know you can set up alerts to warn you when your funds are getting low?

Our intelligent alerts are here to help prevent you running out unexpectedly. We have two types:

  • Fund Value - set a limit and when your funds go below that value an alert is triggered. 

  • Period Alerts - set a period of time you wish to hold enough funds for and we alert you if our analysis of your trading indicates you no longer have enough to cover that period.

Setting Alerts is easy in the Partner Hub. 

Navigate to either the Monies on account or Credit pages (depending on the Brand you are setting the alert for) to find the Fund Alerts tab. Here just toggle the alert type to active and enter your value. It is as easy as that!

Triggered alerts are displayed prominently on your Dashboard for you to action!

Alerts can be sent to you in an email as well.  Simply navigate click the "Set email alerts" button in the top right to take you to your user profile page:

Alternatively navigate to the User Profile page and toggle notifications to on for your User ID. 

With all these options, running out of funds unexpectedly should be a thing of the past!

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