Where the Brand allows, it is possible for Partners to check the current balance of a digital gift code or physical gift card from within the Partner Hub.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Order History page

Step 2 - locate the order

You can search for specific orders by entering the email it was sent to, the client request ID you gave to the order or the actual gift card itself.

Step 3 - expand the order

Clicking the arrow on the far left of the order will expand the order and give you further options.

Step 4 - choose the "check balance" option

Follow the steps to get the balance.

For Brands that do not provide a API connection to check the balance, we provide you with as much information as we can to perform a balance check such as a link to their online checker or a telephone number.

Brand Hub

Balance checking is not available from the Brand Hub at this time.


Balance checking is not yet available via the API.

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