When you have a query from a Customer about a physical gift card or digital gift code, one of the first things you want to know from Reward Cloud is what happened with the original order. 

To help you out with this we now provide a lot more information to you from the Order History page of the Partner page, including the status of the order, i.e was it successfully completed!

Step 1 - Navigate to the Order History page

Step 2 - locate the order

You can search for specific orders by entering the email it was sent to, the client request ID you gave to the order or the actual gift card itself.

Step 3 - expand the order

Clicking the arrow on the far left of the order will expand the order and give you further options. Click on More Options and Details. 

Step 5 - expand the "details" option

Here you will see lots of extra information about the order including its status!

Combining this information with the ability to balance check the code (see this article for more information on that) will give you the state of the original order and a good indication of the current status of the gift card.

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