Types of contact

We allow Brands to store 4 different types of contact:

  1. Customer contact information - this is information that can be safely provided to the end recipient of the gift card.

  2. Partner contact information - this is only for Partners to use when escalating issues and not for the end recipient of the gift card.

  3. Reward Cloud contact information - this is only for Reward Cloud to use when escalating issues. This is not ever displayed to the Partner.

  4. Commercial contact information - this is shown to Partners who may wish to get in touch to discuss setting up a relationship with your brand.

Adding Contact information

This can all be done from within the Hub if you are a Admin user.

Step 1 - navigate to the "Company" page

Step 2 - Choose the "Contact information" tab

Here you will see the a few different types of contact that you can add. On each you can add some additional notes that will be displayed alongside the contact information.

Step 3 - Add your details

You can add multiple contacts for each type of contact by using the green add button:

Editing contact information

For any existing contacts, click on the Edit/Add button under the relevant contact type:

Then simply make the changes directly into the field you wish to change and then press the save button at the bottom of the page.

If you need to delete a contact, just select the red delete button next to the contact you wish to remove:

And then click the "Save changes" button to confirm the change:

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