So you have seen a new brand announcement or maybe you were browsing our available catalogue and you spotted a Brand that you would like to get enabled on your platform. 

What are the next steps to get this done?

First, use the purple navigation menu on the left, and click on "Brands." Once there, click the tab at the top left that says "Available." Once there, use the search bar to find the Brand you want to add. In my example I will use Spotify. 

Click on your selected brand to go to the details page. There, in the top right corner you will see a button with a green outline that says "Add Brand." I've put a red box around the button in the screenshot below to make it easier to find:

The next step will be to click on that button which will present you with a few more options:

1 - Select your preferred relationship - Use the dropdown to select if you are looking for "Monies on account" or if you are more interested in "Brand Credit." (Please note if you want credit with the brand then it is best that you discuss this with them first).

2 - If you choose "Monies on account"  then the blue "add brand" button. If it doesn't need approval the brand will show up in Your Brands tab. If approval is needed someone will reach out to you for more information.

3. If you choose "Brand Credit" you will have to tick the box "Already agreed terms." You will also need to fill out who your commercial contact is before the "add brand" button becomes available for you to click.

Once you have completed all of the fields, the final step is to click the blue "Add brand" button.

Since some brands need approval, the "Your Brands" tab will show a pending status below the brand until it is approved. If this is true in your case someone from Tillo will reach out to get some additional information to get the brand approved.

Once the brand is approved the pending status will be taken away.

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