Getting emailed reports

This first step is to add emails into the Hub that you want to receive reports.

Navigate to the Company menu from the left hand navigation:

Then click on the "Emails" tab. This will show you all of the email accounts that you have setup already:

To add a new recipient simply type in the name for the recipient and the email address and then hit the 'Add Recipient' button on the right.

Once this is added you can choose which reports you would like to get emailed:

If you have a few separate brands within the system you might want to narrow down which brands the recipient will get emails regarding. To to this click on the edit button next to that recipient and select the required brands from the drop down list

Click the green tick button to save your changes

Deleting emails

If you need to remove an email address completely, select the cancel button next to the relevant email address:

And then confirm

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