Then select the Brand you wish to edit:

Anything on this page with below icon next to it can be edited.

Editing Terms & Conditions

First step is to click on the pencil next to the "Terms and conditions" label:

Once in here you have 2 options.
1 - enter a URL that links through to your Terms & Conditions. This URL will be displayed in the Partner Hub and be available to the Partner via the API.

The advantage of the URL is that if you change your terms, you don't need to update anything in the Hub.

2 - Write out your Terms & Conditions. This will then be displayed in the Partner Hub and be available to the Partner via the API.

Edit your cancellation window

If you have a cancellation window (the period of time after the sale do you allow cancellations), you can edit it by selecting the pencil next to that field. This will take you to the edit page for that field.

Note there is a seperate page for physical  vs digital.

Edit your Redemption activation rules

On your physical and digital gift cards, you can edit 3 things:

  1. Redemption activation  - how long after sale does the code become active.

  2. Number of cards per redemption - at the till, how many gift cards can a customer use in an order.

  3. Restrictions - any specific restrictions that you want to call attention too.

Note there is a separate page for physical vs digital.

Edit Brand description

This is the description that the Partner can use to promote your Brand on their platform. To edit this, select the pencil in the Description heading:

Clicking this will take you to the edit screen for your Brand Description:

Once you have updated all of the fields you will see how this will look in the Hub for Partners.

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