When a Brand is reviewing which Partners to work with, it makes a huge difference if they have a clear idea about your business and how it might benefit them.

You can fill in a lot of information about what your company does and why a retailer should work with you in the Hub.

Firstly go to your company menu.

You can edit your information on the Details tab.

Please note that if you do not fill in the information on this page then no information will be shown on the Brand side so it's imperative you fill it out to get more business.

In the first section, you can edit your description and website URL.

Click on the wrench to edit and the tick to save or cross to cancel.

In the Partner details, you can fill in some more information on how your business operates. Company name, Countries served and Sectors can not be edited.

In the last 2 sections, you can fill in what the demographic of your business is and a business overview section. There is also space for an additional URL if you want to point Retailer to extra resources that you have available online.

In the Contact Information tab, you can add Commercial and Technical contacts.

Just click on the 'Add Contact Information' button.

Add in all the information and Save Changes.

You can add another contact in the top right corner.

What else can I do to explain to Brands who we are and what we do?

  1. Upload case studies, showcasing how you work: http://help.tillo.tech/en/articles/4322534-uploading-case-studies

  2. Upload your User Journey so Brands can see how their customers purchase their gift cards through you http://help.tillo.tech/en/articles/4276608-how-to-upload-your-customer-journey

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