Sales are great and have had some pretty spectacular results. Here are 3 very good reasons to give them a try:

  1. Face Value sales always go up!

  2. There is a lasting effect! In over 67% of cases, the sales level after the promotion remain higher than the pre-promotion levels. 

  3. One more reason + it is free to run them on our network.

We have written a couple of blog posts about them if you want to learn more:

  1. Sales with Reward Cloud

  2. Tis the season for Sales

How do I set one up? 

1 - First navigate to the "Create sale" page in the Hub. On this page you will see a "Add sale" button. 

2 - Clicking this will launch the process.

3 - Your next step is to select the brand(s) that you want to include in the sale.

4 - Enter your sale details:

  • Sale Name - this will be used by the Partners to promote the sale

  • Sale dates - the first available date will be 7 days in advance

  • Discount - this is the new total discount e.g if your normal discount is 10% and you are looking at increase this by 5%, then you would enter 15%

  • Select whether this is for digital or physical (or both)

  • Sale description - this will be used by the Partners to promote the sale

You will also see some advanced settings, these are optional and can be left blank:

  • Select specific start and end times (if left blank you sale will run midnight to midnight)

  • Minimum load and maximum load - the sale discount will only apply if the purchase was between these values (if left blank your then any value loaded will receive the sale discount)

5 - Select which Partners to include in the sale

6. Review your sale and when happy click "Publish"

Your sale will get processed and setup and all the relevant Partners will be notified on your behalf!

Once processed you will also be able to see your sale in the Sales section of the Hub.

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