The Tillo Hub can handle multiple currencies. This series of emails will go through all you need to know about what has changed now you are buying codes from more than one currency.

Making Sales

Important things first, sales! There are two ways of making sales with Tillo, through the API or by uploading to our Bulk portal.

There are no actual changes to the process, just a couple of things to note.

In the API you already send the currency in the GC create call and in Bulk you already specify the currency in the upload file. So as long as you use the correct currency and brand slug combination then this will just work!

Our API docs can be found here.


On the Dashboard we have added, what we are calling a ‘currency switch’. This allows users to quickly and easily change the currency that the headline figures, graphs and 10 day snapshot are reporting.

Getting to the detail. You can also link directly from the graph or the snapshot into Order History. 

So if you want to learn a bit more about what the dashboard figures are saying, you can go straight to the detail.

Order History

In order history there is now a currency filter. Changing this filter switches the data on the whole page, from the headline figures to the detailed data.


As you would expect, the download report respect all the filters that you have set including the currency. Simply select the currency you want to report on and the report will correctly output your choices.

The one area that does ignore the currency is the search bar. It ignores all filters, including the currency selection. This is to ensure you don't have an extra hoop to jump through when searching for a particular order.

Creating a sale

Promotions can be run in any currency and like the Dashboard, you can also link directly into Order History. So you can get to a filtered view of the success of the sale in one click.

Transferring funds

Rather than keeping currencies separate and forcing you into unnecessary extra steps when transferring funds, we have kept them all together. So payments for different currencies can be done together in one flow.

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