When you transfer funds to Tillo to top-up your float, we aim to get this approved as soon as possible. However, to keep you in the loop, each payment has a status. 

Below I’ll work through each one you may see and what they mean.

Pending states

There are three "pending" statuses that you may see on a transfer.

  1. Tillo awaiting funds - this means that you have made a transfer in the Hub but the money has not yet reached Tillo's bank.

  2. Funds received - this status means that the bank has notified us that the funds have been received into our account.

  3. Received and processing - you will see this status while the team are working on getting the funds updated on your account. This may take longer for non-GBP payments or where the funds have to be sent to a Brand first, for example, Amazon.

Approved states

Once approved your float will be updated immediately. There are two "approved" statuses that you may see on a transfer.

  1. Approved Edited - Your payment has been approved but it is not the same value as stated when you entered the transfer in the Hub.

  2. Approved - Your payment has been approved in full.

Cancelled states

On rare occasions, a payment does not get approved. There are two "cancelled" statuses that you may see on a transfer.

  1. Cancelled - This means that the Tillo finance team have rejected the transfer, this could be because of errors or duplicates but we will be in touch to explain.

  2. Removed - This means that you have cancelled the transfer before sending to Tillo.

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