If you normally have an approval process, you can now pre-approve partners you would like to work with ahead of time and the Partner will get setup straight away when they request to work with you.

[Please note you will have to be an admin to perform these actions.]

Firstly go to the Partners menu.

Click on the available tab and find a partner you would like to work with and click on the logo to open them.

There is a pre-approve button on the right-hand side.

If you have more then one brand you will see all brands in the window. You can either select one or all brands and click approve.

If you made a mistake you can un-approve the partner.

You can then unselect the brands you don't want them to have or none and click approve.

The partner will then see your brand in the list of brands that are ready to be enabled.

Once they click the "Add Brand" button the partners will be set up with your brand(s).

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