One good way to sell the value of your offering to a Brand is to showcase your work in a case study.

You can upload up to 3 case studies which will then be available for Brands to view when they look at your Partner page in their Hub.


The first step is to go to your "Company Page" in the left-hand navigation menu:

Once on that page, you will find at the bottom space to upload up to 3 pdf case studies:

Once you have created your pdf case study, press the "Upload case study" button.

Select your file, give it a good title to explain what the case study is about and then press "Upload".

Your case study will then appear against your company profile.

Repeat the steps to add more (limited to 3 at a time).

Brands will then see these available when they visit your Partner page in their Hub:

Deleting a case study

If you ever want to remove a case study, simply click the "x" in the red box next to the one you wish to remove:

What else can I do to explain to Brands who we are and what we do?

  1. Complete your Partner Information, giving as much information as you can:

  2. Upload your User Journey so Brands can see how their customers purchase their gift cards through you

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