Firstly go to Buy Gift Cards menu item.

If this option is turned on you will see the below extra tab.

If its not there and you wish to use this feature please contact your account manager.

First compile your spreadsheet. You can find an example and your available buy & send brands below the upload option.

Fill in the spreadsheet with the relevant information.

For brand slug and denomination information please click View bulk upload brands..

Once you completed the spreadsheet, save it as a CSV and upload it via the browse button and upload.

The hub will check your order and show an Upload Successful message.

Choose the delivery type and click Review Order.

Select your sector and click Proceed to Payment.

Select your Payment Option and Place Order.

More information on how you can pay for your order can be found here.

You can now see your order in Completed Orders in the Orders tab.

You can also download your order here.

The recipient will have received an email with their reward.

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